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Acre Formula:1 Acre = 43560 square feet

Acre DefinitionThe Acre Calculator will instantly calculate the acreage of any plot of land if you just enter in the width of the land in feet and the length of the land in feet. Converting from feet to acres is extremely easy with our FREE acreage calculator. Multiplying the length of the land times the width of the land (in feet) gives you the total land square footage and then converting that square footage into acres is as simply as clicking on the CALCULATE button.

The area of a piece of property is important for an owner or a potential buyer to know. The price is usually determined by the size of a parcel, so that is where most buyers and sellers begin a negotiation. Knowing the exact size that is calculated to two decimal points allows both the buyer and the seller to have precise figures as the basis for discussion. The “more or less (MOL)” description of a parcel is not a factor when the exact square foot area is known.

Our FREE Acre Calculator is easy to use, and it is very fast. There are only three steps to take when you want to find the square foot area of a parcel:

Enter the land width (in feet) in a box below Acre Calculator.Enter the land length (in feet) in the space below the first box.Click the Calculate button.You can use the Acre Calculator to find the square footage in a property that has uneven lengths or widths. For example, a parcel that is 70 feet wide but has a length of 160 feet on one side and 140 feet on the other is calculated in two steps. The first thing to do is subtract 20 feet from the longer side so the parcel then forms the shape of a rectangle.

Enter 70 in the land width (in feet) space.Enter 140 in the land length (in feet) space.Click the Calculate button to find that the area is .22 of an acre.The area that is the irregular portion of this parcel forms the shape of a triangle. So the dimensions that you need to enter into the Acre Calculator are 70 feet for the width and 20 feet for the length. The Calculate button produces the result at .04 of an acre. You remember basic math that finds the area of a triangle at half the size of a rectangle, so you need to add half of .04 to the total area of the parcel.

Variations in the length and width of parcels are common, owing to many factors that can include owner preferences, surveying errors, the curvature of the earth and others. You can use our FREE online calculator to quickly find the accurate square footage of an acre in just a few clicks. More often than not, the length and width are approximately the same, but a small deviation can make a big difference.

Property uses have to meet zoning requirements in most locales, and the regulations are very clear on the matter. If a parcel needs to form a full acre and you determine by way of our calculator that it falls short by even a small amount, then that difference can make or break a deal. Accuracy is important, and our calculator gives it to you.

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